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  • We are primarily a news site attentive to the plight of Oromos in Ethiopia.
  • SiiTube.com is based in Minneapolis, MN, the heart of Oromo diaspora.
  • We accept materials in Afan Oromo, English and Amharic.
  • Media producers are exclusively responsible for their material.
  • For news, feedbacks, information, and advertising opportunities please reach us at our email: oromos[at]gmail.com.

Why SiiTube.com?

We created SiiTube.com so that no Oromo will feel marginalized by other media. Clearly, there is no free press in Ethiopia since the government has a firm control over media in the country.  Nearly all diaspora media, on the other hand, serve the interests of opposition, religious, or political groups.  We noticed a tendency to cover only popular Ethiopian stories. SiiTube.com aspires to close this gap. SiiTube.com aspires to bring you the very important voices that need hearing. At the moment, SiiTube is the only fair and reliable Oromo media.  We hope you enjoy SiiTube.com.

Our mission is simple. We attempt to connect Oromos in diaspora via timely news and information. 





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