Why is Dr. Asafa Jalata Lying to us?

On Sunday, a meek and flustered Asafa appeared on a friendly radio to claim speaking about TPLF and OPDO instead of Oromo Leadership Convention (OLC). There was a problem. Dr. Asafa Jalata, Abduljelil, and Finfinnee radio all agree that he responded when asked to compare Global Gumi Oromo (GGO) with OLC. So, did he somehow hear TPLF when asked about OLC? Like most of you, we are not fond of deception. We will, therefore, outline his assertions in an unambiguous language. 

Leadership. According to Dr. Asafa, OLC is attempting to form Oromo leaders selected from Diaspora. The allegation is not new. OLF made an official statement with this particular allegation. Proponents of Shane branch of OLF continue to level the same accusation on multiple radio programs. 

Scholarship. The alleged scholarship recipient from TPLF is none other than Jawar Mohammed. Dr. Asafa Jalata explicitly stated, “TPLF has sent individuals on scholarship in order to divide Oromo...” Again, this particular allegation has been made multiple times. Browse the facebook pages of Shane supporters.  The rumor circulated so much that an Ethiopian media has caught on and asked Jawar Mohammed directly. 

Nyaaphaa (enemy). The alleged prominent enemy who was preemptively  uninvited is none other than Juneydi Sado. Please browse Shane supporters’ facebook page! Here, keep in mind that it was Dr. Asafa Jalata who had Dr. Negasso Gidada speak as guest of honor (not as attendant) at OSA a few years ago. Dr. Negasso Gidada is the former Ethiopian president and one of the main architects of OPDO. 

Ethiopianism.  According to Dr. Asafa, OLC is Ethiopianist but ODF is not.  He makes an argument that ODF shouldn’t be considered Ethiopianist. In a rather puzzling arithmetic  ODF, and by extension its partner Ginbot7 are not Ethiopianist. Amusing, ain’t it?

This is nothing new. In 2008 when a group called OLF-Jijjirama separated from OLF-Shane, Dr. Asafa Jalata famously decried “explosion of opportunists and mercenary of Oromos.” According to him, [Arsi] Oromos brought “ignorance, passivism and fatalism” [Arsi] Oromo Elites had “low level of nationalist consciousness” and use “cheap politics of clan and religion.”   It was very clear comment at the time.   

Will you attend this parochial event? We recommend against it. But, have your say. 


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  • Jawar

    Yes dear I am eager to attend Gumi's (GGO) meeting. If you are Oromo don't miss it!

  • Dr.asafa is not a genuine scholar. He is rather engaged in partisan politics. He is shane. He closed

    Dr.Asafa Is Not A Genuine Scholar. He Is Rather Engaged In Partisan Politics. He Is Shane. He Closed His Ears And Eyes To The Scientific Truth. Today Our Scholars Are Expected To Unite Us Not Divide Us. Shane "Schlars" Are Dudes That Are Entrenched Only In One Corner Of Our Rising Nation. By Doing This, They Have Stripped Themselves Off Proponents Of National Unity. They View Themselves Only In The Eyes Of Wallagga. They View Oromummaa In The Eyes Of Wallaggummaa. They Shut Down Their Faculties Of Understanding, Seeing And Hearing To The Bare Truth Of Oromia, That We Are One, We Are Equal, That We Have Diversity. Shane And It's Darkened So Called Scholars Are Incapable Of Understanding Oromummaa And Oromia. Shane Is A Dysfunctional Group. It Is A Group Of Cowards Who Never Stood Up Against Enemy. What Did Shane Achieve In 45 Years? Liars, Utterly Cowards, Riddled With Political And Economic Corruption. How Can Shane Claim Oromo Leadership While It Is A Useless Tool Of Shabbat? So, Asada Jaalataa Is Just Another Political Accuser Than A Scholar Who Seeks Truth. What Capacity And Knowledge Does Asaffaa Command To Insult Arsi? Where Were His Ancestors When My Ancestors Were Standing Against Foreign Invaders, Fought A Heroic War Defeated The Enemy 5 Times? Where Were Your Father's When My Father's Raised Arms Against Nafxanyaa And Bravely Waged War Against The Imperial Army For 7 Solid Years? My Father's Who Were Not Educated Fought And Liberated Parts Of Borana, The Entire Lower Baale And Influenced The Entire Arsii, Sidaamaa And Hararghe. What Were You Doing Then? What Do You Know About Nationalism? Haven't You See Just Last Year What Happened In The Rift Valley? Did That Kind Of Bravery Happened In Your Part? When Arsi, Hararghe And Ambo Shed Their Blood You Only Resorted To Crossing Your Arms, Even That, It Wasn't Your Idea. Asaffaa And His Cohorts Are So Narrow And So Biased Against The Entire People Of The East. So Did The Renegade Leencoo Karaa. You Hate Islam And Muslims. Shane And Old Kept Telling The Oromo That The West Will Not Support The Oromo Struggle If Muslim Leaders Come To The Fore. They Further Brainwashed Many That Only Liberation Struggles Of Christian Nations Can Be Successful. Was The Great Liberation War Of Algeria A Christian Led? Or Was It Fighting And Defeated A Muslim Power? You Are Trying To Cheat Our People. You Tried To Hide The Truth From Our People. You Are Fake, Useless Political Club. You Are Not Real Political Organization. You Hate People. Your Politics Of Hatred Will Coil Down On Yourself. Stop Blaming Others Just To Hide Your Crimes. Your Crime Is Unparalalled. You Are The Modern Renegade Of Our Revolution. The Oromo People Shall Achieve Independence And Sovereignty Without You. You Think You Are The Educated, You Think You Are The Only Elites, You Think You Are The Syrategists...Just Wait And See What Will Happen. You Are Still Crawling In The Old Political Model Of The 1960S. You Lost The Game. You Lost It During The Durgue, You Lost Now And You Will Lose It In The Future. Because, You Are Against Jutice, Truth, And Democracy. The Most Undemocratic Organization Is Shane, Not Anybody Else. We Are No Longer Afraid To Tell The Truth. Go Ahead Do Your Go. Shut Your Mouth. Stop Blaming Others.

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