QUESTION: A very quick one on Ethiopia, related to the Olympics.

MR TONER: Yeah. Right.

QUESTION: Are you aware of this case of this Ethiopian marathon runner who earned a silver medal and who is apparently very scared of getting killed if he gets back to his country, and according to the BBC and the New York Times is seeking asylum in the U.S.?

MR TONER: So I’m very aware of the case, personally, because I did watch the marathon race and I saw his finish. We’re obviously aware of the case. We would encourage all governments to respect the rights of individuals to peacefully express their opinions, and that’s whether they’re inside or outside their country of birth. I can’t speak about – you mentioned asylum requests. We don’t – we’re not able to legally talk about asylum issues or asylum cases, and that is something that is handled by the Department of Homeland Security. But I think broadly speaking, we would urge any government to accept its returning Olympic athlete peacefully back into the country and to respect any individual’s right to express their opinions, as I said, as long as it’s peacefully done, and it was.

Thanks, guys.

QUESTION: Thank you.


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  • waamii garoo

    I had been sad of all ethiopian atlets which are almost oromos, but keep silent when the colonial etiopia opress african largest race the oromo. And a healer which lived to his name, fayyisaa is born to adress the oromos matter on international arena. Long live fayyisaa leellisaa

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