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    Do Not Chase Me

    You, the big man!
    You, who has all the power,
    Given to you by betrayals of gangsters and traitors
    Who sell us out to the enemy,
    Whose mission is fulfilled by agents.
    Your money, happiness and power won’t be endless.

    You greedy man, you selfish man!
    Why do you follow me?
    Why do you surround me?
    Why do you follow my every step?
    Why do you control my every move?
    I am proudly confronting you, to not be deprived of my natural rights.

    Your nightmare means nothing for us, we are out of there now.
    Our aim is freedom, because freedom never harmed anyone.
    Let us live with Humanity, Justice and Equality!
    Stop following me; don’t chase me. That is to violate the law of nature.
    I call you a thief, you and your gang of thieves.

    Forget about dreaming that I would sing for you.
    No, never. Rather, I oppose you.
    As long as I’ve had a language to speak, you have imposed silence on me.
    But, I am still screaming and shouting to be heard and remembered.
    You deprived me of my natural rights
    Your fantasies and thoughts make you confused and perverted
    You trust your weapons; you trust your muscles,
    But I will never die.
    You don’t have the power to make me not believe in justice.
    I trust the power of the people.
    Yes, the power of the People.
    No one can stop them; they will send you to hell.
    You, Big man,
    You, corrupted one, you gambling and bribing one,
    You can scare me; you try to destroy my life,
    But I have never raised for you a knife.
    My courage is my pen; my weapons are ideas.
    My power is with my people.
    I preach Love; I declare Justice and Freedom.
    I struggle for better times.
    You wondered if I would be your messenger,
    But, let me assure you: I never think of being disloyal to my people.
    You might undermine me more and more,
    But I proudly believe that love will bring this to its end.
    Though I have been deprived of my humanity,
    I am not a lesser human, as you thought.
    Go ahead, and we will see what will be.
    I won’t be under your knee; I love to live as free.
    If that is a crime that makes you chase me,
    You are ridiculous!
    So stop following me; do not be mad.
    You couldn’t destroy my peace of mind.
    Yes, you made millions disappear; you pushed them to flee.
    You made many disabled; you killed thousands of innocents.
    However, I do not fear that you would kill me,
    Even if it is in your hand to do so.
    You couldn’t kill my ideas; the seed is already planted in the hearts of my people.
    Because of that, I won’t surrender.
    My life is not more precious than the lives you have already taken.
    I am not more special than our heroes and heroines who have fallen.
    Now leave me alone, stop following me.
    Don’t chase me in your dream.
    Don’t follow me like my own shadow.

    Caalaa Hayiluu, March 2012
    Published with permission


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