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Both Isaias Afewerki and Leencoo Lataa gave interview to OMN in April , within a week or so span of time. I listened to both interviews respectively. What I found very interesting is why tell us details now and why did both wait for 25 years for some details. Let's forget about the details, and just concentrate on the main theme. For one, both gentlemen are losers to TPLF: Isaias was so ambitious that he thought he will lead the Horn of Africa, if not all of Africa after Eritrean independence. He liberated Eritrea, but failed to lead the Horn, let Alone Africa. In fact, he couldn't even lead Eritrea in a civilized manner; he became a tyrant dictator, and one of the worst human rights abusers of Africa. Notwithstanding, he is also a leader, he was a leader of great guerrilla fighters and a liberator of Eritrea. After independence, he was decisively defeated by TPLF and lost both economic and diplomatic advantage over TPLF. 

How about Leenco Lataa? He lost everything: lost leadership in his beloved Ethiopia; lost leadership within OLF; and he surrendered Oromia proper to his once trusted mythological heroes--the TPLF. As he told us proudly on OMN, he has been a refugee for the past 25 years. 

In other words, both Isaias Afewerki and Leencoo Lataa are licking their wounds. They are both blaming each other for their current misfortune for both could have changed the situation had they both wisely managed the transition in 1992. Isaias's ego was so inflated that he thought he could control TPLF and OLF and the Horn in such a way that Eritrrea would be the SOLE beneficiary. He was wrong as time has proved. Leencoo trusted Isaias and Meles more than he trusted the people he purport fighting to liberate. He was the only knew-it-all, and didn't have to talk to any person, particularly an educated Oromo, let alone take advise. As would be expected, his dream and superficial power vanished and evaporated like morning dew before he woke up from his delusion. 

The whole blame game now was unnecessary to say the least. The past should be left to the past, for those who really care about what happened already know just about everything and do not want to learn from these two men. The verdict by scholars about those painful years will indict both Isaias and Leencoo as two leaders who failed their respective peoples. 

What Isaias and Leencoo should and can do now is to wise-up and use their experience of the past misdeeds and design a strategy and tactic to defeat TPLF and free the peoples of Eritrea economically and Oromia politically in particular. As Oromo qeerroo demonstrated 2015/16, TPLF is now hanging by a tread. These two men can cooperate to finish up the TPLF rule if they only wise up. Oromia and Eritrea can be the stabilizing force in the Horn and Eritrea can live in prosperity with free and prosper Oromia. Eritrea may even be able to import "milk and Honey from Oromia free of duty charge. Thinking forwards is the solution, thinking backwards and blaming each other is defeatism and contributes nothing to the future of both nations. It should also be evident for the gentlemen that , with or without these two men, Oromia shall be free, and Eritreans will chose to have a democrat leader in the future.

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  • Sorsa

    Come on man. Let's be fair here.

    First, if any one needs to wise up it must be you who blindly compares a genius and brave statesman with a mentally disabled loser who chooses to blame others instead of appologizing to oromo people for his silly and reckless decisions.

    Second, Unlike the senile man, President Isaias is the man who delivered what he promised to his people.

    Third, Eritrea never failed and will never fail under Isaias who more than deserves the Nobel Peace Prize, had it not been for blinded western governments. With a population of just 5 million this man carries the military and economic weight of 100 million southern neighbor ruled by bandits.

    Fourth, he never allowed his country to be bullied by western powers, he my not report fake double digit growth but his people are not on western handouts year after year

    Fifth, and perhaps most importantly, his government is not in intensive care unit unlike the TPLF gangs you are advertising.

    Sixth, President Isaias is the best foreign friend Ethiopians (especially Oromos) currently have, although not many of us are aware or appreciative of that. That we do not know how to use his kindness is not his business!

    I wish Isaias lead Ethiopia for last and next 25 years!

  • Bahr negash

    We have our country

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