BREAKING - Jawar Mohammed responds to OLF-Shane accusation

"...Namuu OMN-ma kanatti mataa jabaataa mii?What is OMN's fault now? One faction sent us press release saying it has appointed a leader, OMN reported it. Then another faction sent another press release opposing the appointment. OMN shall report that too. Kanaa achi maal goona? OMN's policy is to treat all factions equally and fairly. Our work over the last 2 1/2 years is testament to this. "

" know all OLF faction want to be called OLF. Its not upto OMN to name them. So our journalists ask the factional representative to identify what they want their faction to be called. Thats what we did in the case too. Had we said OLF-QC we would by attacked by that factions supporters same as if we say OLF-Shanee we get bashed by supporters of that faction. Do you see the challenge?"

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  • Waa'hima Sabaa

    Hello Oromo ,
    I , strong supporter of OMN, was very confused and mad when I found out the news was not confirmed with the appropriate office of OLF. Now the time is when the Oromo people must focus on defeating the disparate tplf regime and tplf's media war agents rather than dwelling on this issue. Although , still what Jawar said doesn't seem honest , let us believe him and hope OMN learns from this mistake and keep it's legitimacy, honesty and discipline in serving our people and fulfill journalism responsibility. We oromos , wish and pray for this media , to be the type of media we oromos hoped and hoping. Jawar, I always fight against those people who curse and criticize you by name callings. When I saw this false news on your twitter and also when I heard the Atlanta poem on the meeting you where one of the main leader , I almost believed the rumors some people label you as against OLF and Qeero. Jawar, you are brave, bold and mostly articulate smart young man. I wish and pray for your success despite all the adversary you have around you. Just one piece of advice : don't be fast and never get against WBO and Qeero. They are the hope and aspirations of Oromo. As we speak, they are paying an ultimate price for the freedom of all oppressed Ethiopian people in general and oromia in particular. They are neck to neck with tplf regime in oromia and others are in desert with out food and drink. This is critical time for oromos in the country . Oromia is bleeding, please I beg you to work side by side with our freedom fighters. Coordination is the key for our success. Now more than before , as you know, tplf has waged media war on us. Unless you play a leadership roll the legitimacy of OMN can be hijacked . Believe me , a big majority of oromos likes you and OMN when you appreciate and if possible report what wbo is doing . Yeroo tokko tokko ESAT waa'ee loltoota isaanii gabaasee hamiilee uumata isaanii akka isaan kakkaasan hubachhaa jira. This time is the time of saving the life of oromo from the genocide being committed by tplf and OPDOs. If needed rebuke the do nothing and conflict creators on social media. For OLF, you have already cleared the confusion for us, Now just forgive and move on and continue doing the great thing you have been doing and oromos are with you no matter what. We know that the reason why all the enemies focus is on you; it is just because your strategy of fight is out smarted the tplf. Tplf regime has failed politically and economically. Now it's military is badly cracked. The wound they are trying to treat will never get healed, amputation and death is the only fate of Tplf tplf military. Oromo must stick together , our unity is indispensable for our fast regain the freedom that was taken from us many years ago. Stay on the course , I see wbo , Qeero , oromo activities and professionals singing victory song with the many years of oppressed oromo people. Then we implement Gadaa , the hope of democratic governance not only for oromo but also for the world in genera, the African countries in particular. 'There is time for everything under the sun ' , now is the time for oromos to highly unite and support our fighters and contribute whatever and however one can contribute to finish this fight . Then everything else we debate and solve our differences and build democracy , freedom , and respect for all one we settle this deal.

  • Sorsa

    Initially I was disappointed as I thought OMN was bombarding us with a false information.
    Now I understand they did their job, although not exactly right, because they did not mention which faction. It sounded as if only one OLF leader existed. This needs to be clarified in future news.

  • Faisal M

    I don't understand your point. What do you want OMN to do other than reporting as they received the info? I don't see anything wrong with this response. Malif galata waliif dhabna obboleysa koo?

  • Seyfuddiin Ahmed

    I thought you guys are better than this. I know for sure this is a respond to on individual who have nothing to do with Shanee. Could you please tell me what will you gain from such trash news? Rabbii ja'aa waan ummata keenyaaf bu'aa qabaa dalagaa

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