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It is sometimes important to evaluate a person not by his titles but his deeds must be the yardstick of what the individual is. Individuals with degree that reflects their achievements in the academic world may not sound like their achievements in political world. Sometimes individuals may have inborn inferiority complex morally failing in the eyes of others or appear subhuman psychological suffering from inferiority complex forcefully injected into their minds by colonial propaganda or oppressive environment they are raised in blight their rightful judgments. It is one of these two chronic problems that people could be dehumanized by and serve what they do not believe in. Dr. Haile Larebo might have been turned into a house Negro of Abyssinian ruling elites because of these two problems which are his troubles. No human being is subhuman by birth but what makes a person subhuman is his poverty of honesty and fear of his masters than fear of distorting truth. Dr. Larebo is social subhuman because of his opportunistic character. 

Larebo is teaching history at the famous Morehouse College in Georgia. I hope he will not confuse American kids like he erroneously confused Abyssinian audience in Diaspora with his interview on ESAT TV by his fictitious historical account about Oromo. It is no matter how a human being can be truthful or dishonest. When one is not at peace in his inner soul or enslaved by outside influence his ability to stand for his integrity diminishes. It is cultural values in which one raise that strengthens his stamina and inborn character that refrains one from being an opportunity, dishonest, and a sale out renegade. If honestly Dr. Larebo has a capacity to interpret history in its true nature he would have not referred to King Tewodros as a unifier of Ethiopia. I do not go into crimes committed by King Tewodros since it is not the subject of our discussion.

If Dr. Larebo was truly a historian he would have understood, intellectually examined what the true meaning of the Amharic Qinnee that goes like this “Atse Tewodros ijig tewaredu yeshewan mekuanint ijji nestwe hedu” If really he is intelligent, honest and self-respecting historian this simple statement would have opened his eye that Atse Tewodros was a butcher and refrained him from making grand historical blunder by calling him unifier. Wouldn’t this test the intellectual quality of Larebo? Yes, it does. However, his character is so feeble thus he ended up in shaming himself presenting his personality in form of mercenary. 

History cannot be rewritten on ground of individual is a record of nations act in production relation, it is a struggle of people between the haves and the have not it neither work of king note their oppressive system but struggle against it. Ethiopia though Larebo claims that it has history six thousand years in fact it does not have history of the people but of self-aggrandizing record of war lords and kings written by people with similar character of Larebo, the fairytales of the kings. Dr.Larebo’s ignorance of history was exposed when he said “wellegawoch Oromo mehon kefelegu Ke harere Oromo gar Gininyunet yinorachew neber.Aytewawekum” I see here Larebo is just reflecting the mind set of his Abyssinian masters. First as a historian he would have had clue in which socio economic formation mobility of people is high. Secondly he would have considered the challenge of communication in a back ward feudal country infested with wars between feudal lords and their shackled system in particular in a country that Larebo claims one among four great countries in history. Third, I could not figure out the difference between Wallaga Oromo and those of Harare. Is it way of dressing? If it is did he consider the difference in weather? Third, is it religion? Did he ever note his own religion is alien to Kamabat people? Regardless of the modification in marriage due to religion what made him conclude Oromo of Wallaga region is different to that of Harar? Nothing, but what he was trying to propagate is the usual divide and rule propaganda of Abyssinians in which he was born, schooled and raised- the myth of Abyssinian smear propaganda that they have history and others do not. Did he ever note that colonialism maintains tribalism, religion to subjugate people and always capitalize on ethnic internal contention and humiliation? To the best of historical fact both Kambata and Oromo are victims of Abyssinian colonialism. But what should be considered here is there are intellectuals who easily sell their integrity for a piece of bread or for sake being accepted among the ruling elites though they know that the acceptance is halfhearted and there is a finger pointing behind his back.

The Oromo in Wallaga region are majority Christians only because of imposition of the colonizers practice their old faith might have been dented while in Harar the old faith is fully consumed by a new religion of Islam just like in Kambata. But one thing stand tall about the Wallaga Oromo they stand taller than any Abyssinian colonized national group in the south. They are proud of their culture, language, history like the rest of their Oromo brothers in other regions. Even this communality of culture between Western Oromo and others was not part of his concept interpreting history by Dr. Larebo. In word of Karl marks Larebo is suffering from “poverty of philosophy” to understand historical oneness of the people. If larebo understand history how come he could not question the wretchedness of his own community? Why he did not ever mention why Kambata language is not a written language? Or he has willfully accepted the ideology of his masters that all other languages are inferior and Amharic is the language of superior race? Is it because as he said Kings “care” about the people or Kings do not care but impose their own ethnic ill devised will?

Larebo’s interview is contradicting a sentence after a sentence. He said the Oromos came from somewhere from northern Kenya, well no matter if the Oromos came from northern Kenya that is still Africa but where did his masters- the Abyssinians came from? Aren’t they from Arabian Peninsula? Is not their language half Arabic? E.g. Ahaad, Hizb, Kibre, Haqi, ayin and many thousand words which their root is Arabic and altered to Amharic. Larebo disagree that the right name of Oromo people is Galla. The Oromos claim that this name is a derogatory. Just like Kambats hate to be called Gudella or Walaitas do not like to be called Walamo. Walamo is a derogatory term coined for Walaita people by Minlik Woy lamo (which actually means wow the cows). Thus if Kambatas are unhappy to be called Gudella why Larebo is unhappy when Oromo hate the derogatory term Galla? This indicates that Larebo is a mouth piece of Abyssinian colonizers. What else can he be? Most importantly the most annoying part is the ESAT role. ESAT portrayed itself as democratic media serving the entire people of Ethiopia but in its true soul it is another instrument of Neo fascist mouth piece of the oppressors. We have observed on many occasions when ESAT aired anti Oromo propaganda. From what ESAT is doing Oromos must learn a good lesson. A snake cannot produce a baby sheep and Abyssinian cannot be democrat even if the sun stops setting. Thus, the Amhara hatred against Oromo for now is heavily camouflage and it is a volcano that can erupt and time when they feel their interest is threatened.

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