Gay Ethiopian activists banned by facebook


An Ethiopian LGBT activist and leader who runs multiple Facebook groups for gay Ethiopians has had his account blocked by Facebook for not using his real name.

The activist, who goes by the pseudonym HappyAddis, used the social network to create and administrate some of the most popular groups for gay Ethiopians, including Zega Matters, which has more than 1,000 members. 

The East African country considers homosexuality a crime and those convicted of same-sex relations can face 15 years in prison. For that reason, many LGBT citizens use an alias to interact with others online in order to avoid punishment from the authorities and anti-gay violence.

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  • Ethiopian

    A human identity has nothing to do with one's sexuality, our identity is truly spiritual. Sexuality is only a function for procreation and this is not my entire life identity I am not sure why it has to be given such priority

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