ESAT should retract says Geresu Tufa

I have watched the second interview (supposedly the rebuttal statements) of Haile Larebo. I was expecting that he would correct the serious act of hate crime he committed against our people. Unfortunately, and sadly he did not, against my best wish, of course.
This is not just one time incident. These kinds of harmful and demoralizing hate speeches have been the main components of reactionary Abyssinian violence against peoples of different backgrounds in Ethiopia. Haile Larebo is the latest massager of these political groups who have been addicted to hate and violence throughout history.
What makes this propaganda unique is the sheer determinations of these groups to continue inflicting more damages on millions of people, discouraging and undermining the peaceful coexistence of peoples of diverse backgrounds in that country, and on their way depressingly affecting the core struggles against repressive current Ethiopian Regime.
It is sad to notice that some of the ESAT employees blindly and arrogantly believe that they have the right to denigrate the people whom they are supposed to serve and treat with dignity and reverence. These employees think there is nothing the rest of us (I mean all of us) can do about it and above all, they believe it is their duty to continue the “holy wars” that their forefathers had been waging against our people in the name of writing history, among other things. They are doing the same thing that their fathers had been doing except they are hiding behind freedom of press and free speech this time.
What they do not understand is, however, that we have also reciprocal duties to protect ourselves, families and people from such violence. They must understand we cannot just stand by and watch when they commit acts of hate crime against millions of poor and helpless people back home. We just can’t do it. At least we cannot just take it quietly.
I have been waiting for and expecting the ESAT’s Board intervention and speedy corrective actions. I hope they will, as it is not too late to address these problems for once and for all. In helping them doing their job, here are the main measures we are expecting them to take:
  • 1. To pull back (retract) the offensive material they uploaded on youtube or published for public consumption. Keeping those materials in public domain serves no one except the hate mongers and those who befits from these hates.
  • 2. Acknowledging the mistakes that ESAT committed and asking apology for those mistakes, and make clear promises that these kind of hate materials won’t be produced by ESAT or its employees again. Our public deserve apology. They have already been through a lot of sufferings.
  • 3. Public announcements of the corrective measures that have been taken against those ESAT employees who are responsible for these kinds of offenses. Specifically, there are two persons who should be held responsible for these messes: the Editor and the Journalist who was sitting there and letting letting Haile Larebo say hateful( taboo) words against our people.
Hopefully, these three measures will help to move on from the messes we are forced to be in. And hopefully, these measures will be taken as soon as possible to contain the enormous damages that have been done. And then we will focus on fighting our common enemy sitting and laughing at us from Shaggar right now.

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  • Chaltu

    Larebo is just trying to make his bosses happy. He is just echoing age old Abyssinian prejudice. He never learned much in school. i am surprised they gave him the degree. i would hate to be his student.

  • sami

    The desperate people and never learned intellectuals of habesha descendants are like that and I expect they would never learn, as well. Commencing from their debtera and pseudo-clergies to the current desperate, system previllaged and ignorant habesha historians their larceny will continue to be there. That is what their history proves to all of us. So, as for us, it should go like the following story of swine and goat. During their heat period, goats commonly climb on top of hill and talk a lot (shout). Contrary, boar is under the hill and listens to the he goat loud cry. And the boar asks, how many these loud speakers (the he goats) are giving to birth? Somebody there answers saying - their maximum one shot offspring is two. The boar was surprised and said "even we didn't speak loud.
    So, my fellow Oromos, don't worry. Nevertheless, be determined to your way of uprooting the problem for the final solution.

  • Oromo moi

    Obbo Garrasuu Tufaa
    Kormaa nama galatomi

  • Boonaa Sabaa

    Here you go! Once again, ESAT attacks the great Oromo nation through its media outlet.
    This is certainly not the first time ESAT strategically campaigning against the Oromo nation in order to belittle, mock and discredit the great Oromo nation in the horn of Africa. ESAT is systematically implementing and running propaganda campaigns against the great and most civilized nation - the Oromo. ESAT is doing so through inviting to its media outlets people with psychopathic traits, confused individuals; people who suffer from lack of self-worth and inferiority complex and above all individuals who have sold their souls for a penny and who are not in touch with reality - the so called “Professor “ Haile Larebo and his likes.
    ESAT what is all these about? Is there anyone who can explain to me why it’s so important for ESAT to transmit such a horrible, distorted and most disgusting interview with an ignorant sorry! “Professor Haile Larebo”? What is the objective or the agenda or even the motive behind these interviews? I will leave this question to the so called ESAT editorial management to answer it. Well, ESAT might explain away by saying we are just exercising freedom of expression. But let me tell you ESAT, if you think insulting, disgracing, hurting the entire Oromo nation and dislocating our history the way you are portraying it is how you exercise your freedom of expression, you certainly have no idea about what the meaning of freedom of expression is. I’m not here to educate you, but rather to tell you that you don’t have any right to insult and degrade my people - the great Oromo nation. Stop your ignorant journalists (street boys), who are keeping themselves busy insulting the Oromo nation. These kinds of activities are considered an act of waging war against peaceful Oromo nation. You will not gain anything; in fact the consequences will be beyond your comprehension. You have already inflected damage to yourself beyond repair.
    Mr. Haile Larebo, I feel shame even calling a person like you a professor. You don’t have any idea how much you dishonored the intelligentsia community. Shame on you! You are living in 21st century in the most civilized country the United States of America. Your way of seeing the world has been expired a century ago, in fact, it died with the era of Naftenyas. Wake up! Get out of Miniliks savage library and start reading the real history. It seems to me that you are stuck in the distorted history of debteras. The interviews you gave to ESAT media are the most disgusting, unprofessional and self-invented illusion. You have just proofed how ignorant you are and how little you know about the great nation of Oromo. Let alone a professor, even small kids know much more than you the history of the most civilized native nation in the horn of Africa – the Oromo nation. Just for your information, even before you there were many attempts made by Naftenyas and their mouthpiece just like you to dislocate and discredit the great Oromo nation’s history. Guess what! All of them failed miserably and you unfortunately suffer similar fate. The Oromo people are much stronger and united than ever before. The Oromos have enough intellectuals who can write and tell their own history. You are not needed, certainly not to tell us our own history. If ESAT is in disparate need to know the history of Oromo nation they should turn to Oromo intellectuals not to you. If you were clever enough and real professor as you claim to be you should have realized why ESATs’ street boys picked you up to invent your own illusion. Your mission of disgracing the great nation has failed, mission unaccomplished! Sorry for you. Now let the so called ESAT journalists even better to call them the street boys save you. Good luck stinky head!

  • Sorsa

    The so called "professor" is not a new comer in insulting oromos. The biggest human asshole I have ever seen is well known on ESAT before!! The son of a bitch claims even the name "oromo" was a German invention.
    Oromos must boycott ESAT unless they apologize for this and earlier broadcasts of hate speeches by this man and others against the entire nation and fire employees involved.

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