Eritrean president Isaias Afwerki appears on OMN

Following a media blast by two prominent reporters (Senay G/Medihin and Samrawit Sisay), the reclusive Eritrean president goes on OMN. The two reporters alleged soldiers of Ginbot7 and OLF lived in conditions that could only be described as modern day slavery.  

He supports Oromo and Ethiopian struggle against TPLF. 

He promised that Eritrea would remain steadfast in its support to the Oromos. 

Isaias described, "the people of Ethiopia firm and decisive action of expressing their objection to the Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF) is unprecedented in the history of the country."

He added, "the ethnic cleansing of Oromos and Amharas by the hands of the current Ethiopian rulers gives reason to justify an all-out action against the TPLF by the oppressed majority."

The FULL interview will be posted this week. 

Although the newly formed Oromia News Network (ONN) has frequented Eritrea, Isaias Afwerki has so far kept his distance. He is the first president to sit for an exclusive interview with OMN. He loves OMN and flatters their work.




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