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  • Ayana

    Yaada garii dha Obboleeso, Caalaa Alemo. Dogoggora tokko kan natti fakkaate, jara sadan (3n) ati maqaa dhooftee namni hin balaaleffatne jette, anis balaaleffadheera, barreefaman f.b. irratti, namoonni hedduunis akkasuma balaaleffataniiru. Garuu Daawudiin hin balaaleffatne, dubbiin waayee qeeroo inni dubbatee sichi adda ba'a waan ta'eef.

  • O-Unity

    You just contradicted yourself. You started defining west as America and Europe then your ego exposed you saying the real thing: the hate you have for Western Oromia. Why you declined to mention your father's side when you intentionally mentioned Welega for your rant? Why didn't you talk about those those other OPDO officials and many who have done a lot against Oromia and tried to come out "clean"? Your rhetoric can never serve Oromo unity! You are divisive, mean, and have agenda that's hidden deep inside you. Sadly, as you also admitted, the run unto freedom has more and more become a walk sacrificing plenty innocents on the way because of the likes of you.

  • Oromo

    Yee qenaa maf Albania

  • Safuu

    You are TPLF agent. It is unproductive. You are like wolves in sheep skin.

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