Abraham Afewerki - Teadile

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Added by Abishe
Abraham Afewerki - Semai - Teadile
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Abraham Afewerki, Semai, Teadile

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  • Ruta

    I was searching for this songs long time now I'm happy I love and miss abrishey so much please don't hide his songs please

  • Geni


    Just because you need to sell his music. We don't want to forget his music and him. Please don't hide his music from us. We miss him very much.
    I have been looking his CD aswell but they are nowhere to be found.
    Are you his sister or.......

    If you can upload his music to YouTube and no one will forget his talent and legend.

    Don't destroy him please
    RIP Abraham

  • Robel

    ኣቱም ሰባት ውላድ ኣብረሃም ኣፍወርቂ ኢኹም ትሸጡ ዘለኩም ሕልና ግበሩ

  • Regat Afewerki

    Copyright Abraham Afewerki

    ሰላም ካምፓኒ፣
    መን ኣፍቂዱልኩም ኢኹም እዚ ደርፊ ኣብራሃም ትሽቅጡሉ ዘለኹም? ብኽብረትኩም ብቕጽበት ኣልግሱዎ።
    ዘይናትካ ምውሳድ፣ እሞ ድማ ካብ ዋና ፍቓድ ከይ ሓተትካ ስርቂ ስለዝኾነ፣ ብሕጊ ዘሕትት ምዃኑ ከዛኻኽረኩም ይፈቱ

    ምስ ሰላምታ
    ርግኣት ኣፈወርቂ።

  • Yergalem

    Regat Afewerki
    I know it's painful to upload Abrsh's Music without express permission of copyright holder.

    Please, allow us to listen his music by any medium. I'm among the persons who're sick of missing his peerless songs.

    I've never felt thrilled and satisfied with any song except Abrsh.

    Why are you deleting it from YouTube.
    I came here after I checked YouTube. You've no idea how lucky I felt.

    RIP Abrsh and may God give you the Strength.

  • Regat Afewerki

    Dear .....company
    I am contacting you regarding my brother Abraham Afewerki music. As much
    as I wish you success with your career & daily life, I am concerned
    listening to my brother's music played by your company without his
    family permission. Producing or marketing Abraham Afewerki song without
    the express permission of copyright holder is illegal. Making
    unauthorized copy of copyrighted music recording is against the law &
    may subject you to criminal liablity. His family politely requesting you
    to stop immediately the illegal usage of Abraham Afewerki song. Unless
    you made any agreement whatsoever with someone without our knowledge, if
    so you are accountable to provide us a written documentation, the money
    you made so far & so on. For further discussion to resolve the issue,
    contact me Regat Afewerki.
    email me back. However, if you don't comply with copyright law, his
    family will file charges against you.

    Please contact me immediately

    Best regard
    Regat Afewerki