Abraham Afewerki - Fishikta Ameley

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Abraham Afewerki - Fishkta - Fishikta Ameley
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Abraham Afewerki, Fishkta, Fishikta Ameley

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  • Sirak

    ezi derfi nay wulke sebat wey nay sdra biet abraham aykonen entay dea nay hzbi

  • Selam

    This is more sentiments loved by the whole Eritreans a gift from Abraham Afewerki you should be happy everybody loves your Dad. He is talking everyone's heart in this difficult time. So be proud of your Dad.
    & let people hear this golden history of Abraham. Peace.

  • Regat Afewerki

    Copyright Abraham Afewerki

    ሰላም ካምፓኒ፣
    መን ኣፍቂዱልኩም ኢኹም እዚ ደርፊ ኣብራሃም ትሽቅጡሉ ዘለኹም? ብኽብረትኩም ብቕጽበት ኣልግሱዎ።
    ዘይናትካ ምውሳድ፣ እሞ ድማ ካብ ዋና ፍቓድ ከይ ሓተትካ ስርቂ ስለዝኾነ፣ ብሕጊ ዘሕትት ምዃኑ ከዛኻኽረኩም ይፈቱ

    ምስ ሰላምታ
    ርግኣት ኣፈወርቂ።